Marquee Hire

We have both Clearspan and Traditional Marquees available for hire


Clearspan marquees are modern aluminium structures, that are modular in design and as such are easy to make larger or smaller by simply adding or removing ‘bays’.

Clearspan Exterior     Clearspan Exterior 2     Clearspan Exterior     Clearspan Exterior


These are the more classic marquees that have large wooden internal poles and guyropes around the perimeter to provide the tension in the roof. They can be used with or without lining to provide a wide range of different looks to suit all tastes and budgets.

Traditional Exterior     Traditional Exterior 2     Monkton     Lenarduzzi2

Langdon-Shipp3     Thorne8     ScottJ     Wilmott

Nov 2011 JPG     CIMG8998     Gordon_011 (2)     Monkton6


There are various pros and cons to each type:

Clearspan advantages:

– There are no internal poles or posts, giving the maximum possible working space inside

– They take up exactly the space of the marquee with no extra area needed for the guyropes

– They can be ‘tied down’ to a broader range of surfaces (tarmac/ tennis court/ gravel); traditional marquees need stakes to be driven  into   the ground

– They are more resistant to high winds

– There are more options with regard to interior design e.g. lining etc.

– Stakes around perimeter of traditional marquees are a trip hazard particularly for children and in the dark

Traditional advantages:

– They provide more of a casual ‘rustic’ look

– They look better without lining, so can be a cheaper option



These are an oriental style canopy that creates a different feel and can be put to a number of uses, ranging from a stand-alone focus for a small party to an entrance to a larger marquee

Stenning3     Chinese Hat 2


All marquees are graded by their width. We have 3m, 6m, 9m and 12m wide marquees. As a starting point the uses to which they are most commonly put are as follows:

– 3 metres – walkway between house or marquees. Can also provide an extra covered space on a narrow patio or deck adjoining a house.

– 6 metres – good for parties of up to 60 or 70 people to create a cosy atmosphere. Can also be an ancillary marquee for caterers or as a bar

– 9 metres – any event for between 70 and 150 people, either sitting or standing

– 12 metres – any event with over 150 people. Also fits a tennis court area well

Beyond the width each ‘modular’ section is 3m long. Hence our marquees can be configured in any 3 metre square denomination from 3m x 3m to 12m x 60m


It can be difficult to work out the size of marquee you will need for your event. Some basic rules are:

– Allow 0.6sq.m per person at a stand-up drinks reception

– In addition allow 1.1sq.m per person for a sit down meal

– Allow 6m x 6m for a dancefloor that will cater for up to 170 people, plus a 3m x 6m area for a band/ DJ. Hence a total of 9m x 6m

– If you are having outside caterers you will need to allow on extra space of around 6m x 6m for them


For a drinks reception, sit down meal and dancing for 150 people in a 9m wide marquee, you would need 150 x 0.6 = 90sq.m for the reception and 150 x 1.1 = 165 sq.m for the meal. Hence a total of 255 sq.m. Dividing by a width of 9 tells us that you will need around a 30m long marquee. You can either add on more for the dance area or incorporate the dancefloor into the drinks reception area.


We have two window options for clearspan marquees – Georgian arched windows or completely clear panels. We have just one window option for traditional marquees – clear panels. The clear panels let in more light and obviously will enhance a good view, but the Georgian arched tend to look more ‘traditional’.

Georgian Windows     Peryer4     Clear Windows     Grewal

All windows can be opened up or ‘hooked back’ to enable the marquee to feel as ‘open’ as the English weather permits.

We do not charge per window and will always be generous as possible to mazimise the aesthetic effect of any site.


– Any marquee whose length is much more than 3 times its width tends to become a bit like a corridor. In these instances we usually recommend creating an L shape or similar (depending on site)

– All marquees can be joined together, put alongside one another or linked by a walkway. All adjoining marquees can easily be made watertight with gutters

– Things like bars, buffet tables, flower pedestals and stages all take up extra space


All the frames are manufactured from aluminium (BS5950 & BS8118), the covers are made of white fire retardant PVC (BS7837 & BS5438) and the linings are made of fire retardant trevira (BS5867)