The UK’s only video guide to measuring a garden for a marquee

We get hundreds of phone and email enquiries every year and the two most commonly asked questions are…

“How big a marquee can I fit into my garden?”


“How many people can I invite to my wedding/ party?”

Planning an event in a marquee is an unfamiliar experience for most people so in an attempt to make the early stages of planning as easy as possible we have created a range of videos that will provide an answer to the questions above and also provide an insight into how the marquee industry works.

In the videos Anthony describes how to measure a garden for a marquee and how to work out how many people a marquee can accommodate. Anthony also addresses the most common problems when it comes to erecting marquees in gardens i.e. access, changes of height, obstacles such as flowerbeds, ponds and outbuildings and different floor surfaces.

The videos also demonstrate how willing we are to take on a challenging site and how creative we are with our layouts so even if you’re thinking that your garden isn’t suitable for a marquee it’s still worth an email or phone call to us – we’ve haven’t found a site that’s beaten us yet!

We’ve created nine videos in the hope of covering all eventualities but unless you’re particularly keen to learn all the ins and outs of the marquee industry there’s no need to watch all of them, all you need to do is the pick the ones most suited to your site.

A site visit is a crucial part of planning an event in a marquee so the videos are not designed to replace our site visits, instead they’re designed to give our customers a head start which will enable the discussion at a site visit to be more focussed and relevant to the specific event.

We’ve had a look around and as yet haven’t found anything like these videos so we hope you enjoy them and come away with a better understanding of what you can and can’t achieve in your garden.


We would like to thank Dom Hartley from Broadcast Productions for creating the videos and remaining patient in the far from ideal weather conditions!

We would also like to thank our past customers who kindly agreed for us to return to their gardens for the purpose of filming.


The videos can be found at the link below –

Sit back, relax and let Anthony share his knowledge of the marquee industry with you.