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We understand that the success of just about any business is driven more by the people than the products.  Obviously our tents need to be amazing but if they were delivered and erected by a bunch of rude and inexperienced people we’d be out of business very quickly.

Hence we invest a great deal of time and effort to ensure that our people are of the highest quality in every necessary aspect of our job – we demand that all our employees are great at customer service, show good problem solving initiative, are hardworking, practical, enthusiastic, happy and positive!


The business is owned by Anthony Dutton – he lives (with his wife and 3 children) 100 yards from the storage yard so he lives and breathes marquees 365 days a year.

His pet dislikes include rain, lazy employees and lack of initiative – best to avoid when any of the above are around. His ageing body is showing signs of wear and tear after erecting apparently ‘thousands’ of marquees in his career, so he’s often to be found taking an important phone call when there’s some heavy stuff to unload.


Ant&Alex3We have two full time Managers / Foremen, Anthony Cullen and Alex King / Little & Large / Laurel & Hardy.

Ant is fondly known as ‘The Rhino’ and is probably one of the leading practical problem solvers in the south west.  Hobbies include fortifying his house against the repeated escape attempts of his 3 young daughters, scratchcards and finding new things to tie up with ratchet straps.

Alex King is one of the largest characters you’re likely to meet.  6’5” tall, fearless and forever talking, he’s a great man to have at your side when the chips are down.


Sarah Hall is the Office Manager / Person who Holds Everything Together – she is often compared to the cement between the less compromising bricks of the company.   A slave to detail, her apprehension at having to attend the staff Xmas party is only matched by the fear she instills in her opponents on the hockey pitch at the weekend – a fearsome competitor!

In addition to the above key staff, the workforce rises to around 12 through the summer months. On an average week in the summer we have two teams operational. All our workers are English from our local area, who understand the nature of the job and the demands of our customers.

Experience has taught us that these things are very important to our customers so we try and do them all really well:

We care – if you’re not happy, we’re not happy

We listen before we offer you recommendations or ideas

We are very flexible – we offer innumerable ‘Friday afternoon’ solutions like walkways, hard floors, marquee extensions which we undertake with good heart whatever the weather

We are just about always available at the end of the phone

We are honest, prompt and reliable and we don’t slip in hidden costs at the last minute

Our staff are English, friendly, experienced and respectful (and apparently quite entertaining!)

We offer as wide a choice as possible of all our product lines

We are always prepared to take on difficult jobs and say ‘yes’ far more than we say ‘no’.

We are competitive on price – we don’t try and undercut all our competitors as our reputation doesn’t require us to, and we charge the same price to everyone regardless of budget or house size.