The flooring of a marquee isn’t it’s most striking and decorative element but it is crucial from a practical point of view. Furniture must sit well on it and it must be safe and as easy as possible to walk and dance on.

The flooring of a marquee is dictated by some or all of the aspects below:

  • Type of ground 
  • Time of year
  • Type of event
  • Rules and regulations of the venue

We have three types of flooring – membrane, event floor and wooden floor. All three types of flooring require covering with carpet of which we have a wide range of colour options.


This is our most economical option. It’s nailed in to the ground along the outside edges and on any overlaps within the marquee. It keeps ground moisture from getting to the carpet but it doesn’t work so well on undulating and soft ground and cannot be used on concrete. We tend to advise customers not to choose membrane in the winter months.

Event Floor 

This is sometimes known as portapath. It’s a plastic, interlocking flooring that’s around 16mm in height. Event floor allows airflow to get to the grass beneath it so it’s a good option if the grass needs preserving. It provides a firmer surface to walk on than membrane but it still follows the contours of the ground so doesn’t provide a completely flat surface. 

Wooden Floor

This is our most durable flooring option, giving you a hard surface capable of soaking up any Ceilidh or Barn dance!  It consists of 8′ x 2′ interlocking boards that sit on 1.5″ batons. 


We offer used and new cord carpet, the former being slightly cheaper. Used carpet is either dark (kiwi) green or graphite, dependant on availability at the time of the event. We ensure that all used carpet is still in good condition. When a customer chooses new carpet they can choose from a wide variety of colours (see below for some examples).

Wow, what a fantastic company. Giles, Erica and their team worked with us from day one to ensure that they met all our expectations for our son and daughter in law's wedding in our garden. They could not have been more helpful and they made sure that we had thought of everything to ensure the day was perfect. Their team worked efficiently and were so polite and thoughtful, respecting the fact it was our garden. Archers Marquees exceeded our expectations in every way and would trust and highly recommend them