Clearspan marquees are contemporary structures made up of an aluminium frame with a white PVC cover. They are versatile and practical but still stylish.  

Below are the finer details of our clearspan marquees

Width3m, 6m, 9m, 12m or 15m
Length3m up to 45m, in 3m increments
Type of groundGrass, concrete, gravel, tennis court, decking, patio
Time of yearAll year round

Clear Roofs

Clear roofs look particularly good over the drinks reception/ bar area of a marquee. They let a lot of light in during the day and later on they offer a spectacular view of the night sky.

What are the benefits of a clearspan marquee?

  • They are flexible in their size. Their modular nature means that their size can easily be increased or decreased.
  • They suit a broad range of events including weddings, parties, corporate events, school proms and village fetes/shows.
  • They don’t require any internal support poles. This means that the floor space and internal configuration are unrestricted.
  • They don’t require any additional space for external guy ropes.
  • They are resistant to high winds and heavy rain.
  • They can be joined onto buildings and other clearspan or pagoda marquees.
  • They can be partitioned to create different areas.

Please use the table below to work out what size marquee you will require for your event.  

No. of peopleMarquee size (m) – space for dining and dancingMarquee size (m) – space for drinks reception, dining and dancing
509 x 99 x 15
809 x 159 x 21
1009 x 189 x 24
12012 x 1812 x 24
15012 x 2412 x 30
20012 x 3012 x 36
25015 x 3015 x 36
35015 x 3915 x 45

Thank you so much for being an amazing company to work with! The whole way through from initial quotes and correspondence to meeting you and of course to the marquee itself, your service has been exceptional. Very friendly, quick to respond, great advice and we felt everything was in very safe hands! The marquee and all the lighting looked amazing – I was so excited when we first saw it all up! Thank you for all your hard work. We’ll definitely be recommending you!