Interior Lighting

For the main source of light inside the marquee we provide uplighters and festoon lights. The festoon lights can be upgraded to fairy lights if you like and there is also the option of adding rustic ladder lighting. 


Uplighters sit on the floor around the edge of a marquee and project light up the walls. You can choose to have them in warm white, or a particular colour, or revolving through a variety of colours.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights can be used in a number of ways – around the tops of the marquee walls, in the roof of the marquee or wrapped around central poles. 

Rustic ladder lighting

Our rustic ladders will add a lovely feature to the roof of your marquee whilst providing a warm, atmospheric light. They come with artificial foliage and you are welcome to give them the personal touch by adding more foliage or other decorations.

Additional interior lighting

Gobo projected lights

Projected Gobo lights allow us to project an image using metal or glass plates to the floor, wall, ceiling or dancefloor of your event. There is a huge choice of stock images on offer, from snowflakes to birthday cakes. We can source custom made plates to project your own design also.

Mirrorball & Spotlights

If you are looking for that touch of sparkle, add a rotating disco ball to your party.  Coupled with our spotlights, either a silver or gold mirror ball is guaranteed to get the party started!

Exterior Lighting

Some say we get the most beautiful sunsets here in the South West. This was taken close to our warehouse.

Unfortunately we can not provide sunsets like this on demand! We can however provide you with outdoor lighting to make your event come to life once the sun goes down.

Sunset in Somerset


Floodlights can be positioned strategically to highlight outdoor features. Placed under large trees, at the base of buildings, historic landmarks and the such like. They can be provided with coloured bulbs to add to the desired effect.

Festoon Lights

These are beautiful, and versatile, additions to any event and can provide a huge amount of character. They can be used on our 2.4m high shepherd hooks to light our coconut matting pathways or to light perimeters. On their own they can even be strung over the top of the roofs of our traditional marquees, used to light up the front of a barn or even wrapped around the branches in trees. Festoon lighting is rapidly becoming a ‘must have’ for many events.

Many thanks to you and all your team for working so hard to make the tents look so spectacular, you really did go the extra mile and you were a joy to work with