Stretch Tents

Our chino coloured stretch tents are versatile and stylish making them the perfect structure for events ranging from an informal party to a large wedding. Our stretch tents can be built as a floating canopy or with sides. 

We hire out our stretch tents all year round and they can be built on any surface. Please see below for a guide to sizes and capacities. 

Size of TentSeated DinnerStanding/ CocktailCinema Style
10.5m x 7.5mFloating: 80
One side down: 70
Two sides down: 50
Four corners down: 40
Floating: 90
One side down: 75
Two sides down: 64
Four corners down: 64
Floating: 100
One side down: 80
Two sides down: 64
Four corners down: 64
15m x 10.5mFloating: 140
One side down: 120
Two sides down: 100
Three sides down: 80
Floating: 200
One side down: 180
Two sides down: 160
Three sides down: 140
Floating: 250
One side down: 168
Two sides down: 140
Three sides down: 108
21m x 15mFloating: 240
One side down: 220
Two sides down: 200
Three sides down: 180
Floating: 400
One side down: 360
Two sides down: 320
Three sides down: 280
Floating: 380
One side down: 340
Two sides down: 300
Three sides down: 260

Archers provided the marquee and ancillary tents for my daughter's wedding in 2022. They stood out from the crowd from the very beginning and I never felt that I had made the wrong decision in choosing them. Their admin was superb so we always knew where we were. The team on the ground putting the tents up and taking them down were happy, helpful and efficient. Last minute requests were dealt with quickly and efficiently. Weddings are stressful but this part of it most certainly wasn't. If I had to organise another event with marquees I would go straight to Giles and his team